• 長谷川 則子

    Noriko Hasegawa

    Kyoto has a lot of ways to entertain you all year around. I always feel excited to see the scenery which make me feel the season, lovely flowers, and tempting dainty. You can appreciate not only cherry blossoms in the spring and autumn foliage in the fall, but also seasonal flowers with historical background. I would like to introduce to you breathtaking scenery, seasonal confectionery with astonishing craftsmanship, Kyoto cuisine in season like a work of art, and tradition and events passed down generation to generation. What if feel Kyoto in the season and liveliness of the locals?

  • 俣野 麻子

    Asako Matano

    Kyoto Certified Interpreter Guide (Kyoto City Visitors Host), specializing in the West area of Kyoto. Translator and part-time university lecturer. Enjoys endeavors in well-being, lives to share unfamiliar sights and ways of enjoying Kyoto.

  • 勝見 優子

    Yuko Katsumi

    visit the city and feel the spirit of deep Kyoto

    Yuko have been living in Kyoto for 35 years. In her daily life, she enjoys the beautiful scenery, culture, and traditional crafts of Kyoto. As a qualified Kyoto City official tour guide, it is her pleasure to introduce the charms of Kyoto to visitors from various countries and help them enjoy their trip. She is interested in gardens, architecture, and art museums, and enjoys visiting them. Make your trip a memorable one with her!

  • 冨岡 ちづこ

    Chizuko Tomioka

    Enjoy taste of Kyoto!!

    After more than 10 year experience of working at a travel agency, Chizuko established her own guide business called Poku Poku Tours and has welcomed hundreds of guests from many countries. She often wears Kimono while showing her guests around the city. She lives in the downtown district, close to Nishiki Market which is a busy shopping street filled with locals and visitors.
    and loves eating, drinking beer and discovering new restaurants, cafes and shops. She is always excited to share with you beautiful sites, history, culture and food here in Kyoto.

    Qualified Kyoto city official tour guide, general traveling business manager and Kimono dresser.

    See you in Kyoto someday!

  • 茶谷 匡晃

    Charlie, Tadaaki Chatani

    Visit Kyoto and feel the spirit

    Charlie founded KYOTO ENCOUNTERS while working as a tour guide in Kyoto. He and his colleagues have welcome hundreds of tourists from all over the world. He is keen to share what's in Kyoto and what you can enjoy when travelers visit Kyoto. He loves Japanese Sake, bike ride at weekend and documenting his every step with his camera.
    Charlie's Kyoto Tours

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